Recently I found some spare time to look into an issue with one of my first OSS projects - the Eclipse plugin Veloedit (published on SourceForge in 2002). Here was reported in bug #12 that the initialization of the Velocity runtime is broken in recent versions of Eclipse.

After fixing this issue (by adding 6 lines of code) I had to fiddle around with yesterdays technology:

  • commiting to CVS
  • building Eclipse plugins manually via PDE
  • uploading files to SourceForge manually via SSH

Here I took the opportunity to improve the overall process with approaches I used in another OSS project (Sculptor - Release 3.0.0):

Now the source code is avilable on GitHub in the repository vaulttec/veloedit. The corresponding Eclipse update site is available from (a branch of this repository).

So use your recent Eclipse installation and give the updated plugin a try.